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Baba Yaga: 3D Character Creation from concept art

Skill Level

Prerequisites: Intermediate or who know the basic commands of the program.

Feedback: Assignments Feedback

Lecturer: Ruengsak Muengjaidee

Lessons: 11 chapter / 44.21 hours

Update Policy: Monthly

Content: HD videos + Project file

Group: Private Group


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    3D Character Creation from concept art In this course you will learn from start to the end of process, I will guide you how to create character, props, flowers, shading lookdev, hair fur, and composite. Highlight 01 You will learn techniques sculpting a high-detail Highlight 02 You will leran techniques to create texturing XYZ for skin and props texture Highlight 03 You will learn techniques to create hair and fur Seek More Advice

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    Who is My Lecturer

    Ruengsak Muengjaidee

    I am a 3D Artist who lives and work in Bangkok Thailand. I have been working in the 3D artist, I have experience in CGI, TV commercials and Feature film, I have skill specialise in modelling sculpting and texturing but also shading and lighting.


    Case Presentation

    What Is Included?

    Private Discord Group

    You are not the only one on road. You could get help from others, learn from others. Most importantly you will get feedback from the instructor.

    Assignments Feedback

    The masterclass will have an assignment section. After submitting your assignment you will receive feedback from the instructor, giving you actionable steps to take your work to the next level.

    Lifetime Access

    After signing up for the Masterclass you will immediately receive access to all lectures. ( Hirepayment will get part of the access).

    Course Content

    Chapter 001: Searching references

    001: Searching references 01

    002: Searching references 02

    Chapter 002: Blocking shape

    001: Blocking shape 01

    002: Blocking shape 02

    003: Blocking shape 03

    004: Blocking shape 04

    Chapter 003: Setting project and camera

    001: Setting project and camera 01

    Chapter 004: Modelling

    001: High poly (Head) 01

    002: High poly (Head) 02

    003: High poly (Head) 03

    004: High poly (Head) 04

    005: High poly (Head) 05

    006: High poly (Coat) 01

    007: High poly (Coat) 02

    008: High poly (Hand) 01

    009: High poly (Hand) 02

    010: High poly (Hand) 03

    011: High poly (Hand) 04

    012: High poly (Hand) 05

    013: High poly (Hand) 06

    014: High poly (Hand and Rat) 01

    015: High poly (Rat) 02

    016: High poly (Rat) 03

    017: High poly (Rat) 04

    018: High poly (Rat) 05

    019: High poly (Rat and Head) 06

    020: Retopology (Head) 01

    021: Retopology (Head) 02

    022: Retopology (Head) 03

    023: Retopology (Head) 04

    024: High poly (Head details) 01

    025: High poly (Head details, Teeth, Gum) 02

    026: High poly (Head details and pose, Teeth, Gum) 03

    027: High poly (Coat detail and Retopology) 01

    028: High poly (Coat Retopology) 02

    029: High poly (Coat Retopology) 03

    030: High poly (Coat detail and adjust shape)

    031: High poly (Coat detail and adjust shape and Prepare low model and Retopology Hand) 01

    032: High poly (Retopology Hand and Prepare low model) 02

    033: Low poly (Create Crown wood props) 01

    034: High poly (Sculpt detail Crown wood props) 02

    035: High poly (Sculpt detail Crown wood props) 03

    036: High poly (Sculpt detail Crown wood props) 04

    037: High poly (Sculpt detail Necklace wood props) 01

    038: High poly (Sculpt detail Necklace wood props) 02

    039: Low poly (Create Gypsophila flowers props)

    040: Low poly (Create Stalk of Gypsophila flowers props)

    041: Low – High poly (Create Poppy flowers props)

    042: High poly (Create Poppy flowers props)

    043: Low poly (Create Grass and Berry props)

    044: Low poly (Sculpt details Grass and Berry props)

    045: Low poly (Create Earring and eyes)

    046: Low poly (Eyes water and Rat tentacles)

    Chapter 005: UV mapping

    001: Create UV Head, Coat, Hand

    002: Create UV Rat, Gum, Teeth, Earring

    003: Create UV Eye, Nails, Flowers 01

    004: Create UV Flowers 02

    005: Create UV Flowers 03

    Chapter 006: Prepare model for Texturing

    001: Prepare model for Texturing 01

    002: Prepare model for Texturing 02

    003: Prepare model for Texturing 03

    Chapter 007: Texturing

    001: Head Texturing using ZWrap

    002: Transfer texturing

    003: Head displacement texturing 01

    004: Head displacement texturing 02

    005: Head displacement texturing 03

    006: Head diffuse texturing

    007: Head diffuse texturing (eyebrow, eyes, mouth)

    008: Head diffuse texturing (nose, ears)

    009: Head diffuse texturing (neck, body)

    010: Head diffuse texturing (acne, mole)

    011: Head diffuse texturing (acne, mole)

    012: Head diffuse texturing (skin details) 01

    013: Head diffuse texturing (skin details) 02

    014: Head diffuse texturing (skin details) 03

    015: Head diffuse texturing (skin details) 04

    016: Head Specular and Roughness texture

    017: Eye texturing

    018: Hand Displacement texturing

    019: Hand Diffuse texturing 01

    020: Hand Diffuse texturing 02

    021: Hand Specular and Roughness

    022: Rat Diffuse texturing 01

    023: Rat Diffuse texturing 02

    024: Coat Diffuse texturing 01

    025: Coat Diffuse texturing 02

    026: Flowers props texturing 01

    027: Flowers props texturing 02

    028: Flowers props texturing 03

    029: Gum, Teeth, Earring texturing

    Chapter 008: Lookdev

    001: Head shading

    002: Head and Coat shading

    003: Hand and Nails shading

    004: Rat shading

    005: Eye, Gum, Teeth shading and Create the saliva 01

    006: Eye, Gum, Teeth shading and Create the saliva 02

    007: Flowers props shading 01

    008: Flowers props shading 02

    009: Flowers props shading and create Leaves model and shading

    Chapter 009: Xgen

    001: Creating hair typeA

    002: Creating hair typeB

    003: Creating eyebrow

    004: Creating eyelash

    005: Creating head peach fuzz

    006: Creating hand peach fuzz

    007: Creating Coat fur

    008: Creating Rat fur 01

    009: Creating Rat fur 02

    010: Creating Rat fur 03

    Chapter 010: Multi Pass Rendering

    001: Multi Pass Rendering

    Chapter 011: Compositing

    001: Compositing


    Q: Why should I buy this tutorial?

    This tutorial is not too dificult because I have explained the tools every steps, and you will learn all process for creation 3D Character step by step frrom start to complete work, After complete this course you will be able to handle any parts that you need to do.

    Q: Who is the target audience of the tuorial?

    Intermediate or who know the basic commands of the program.

    Q: Can I download the videos?

    For IP protection, all the video can only be watched online. Learners need to use a software provided by Wingfox to watch the videos.

    Q: What are the payment methods?

    You can choose full payment or installment payment after subscription. (Note: Installment payment will cause service fees. At the same time, you can only watch the class under the current subscription. If you cancel the subscription, you can’t watch the following classes.)

    Q: What can I benefit the most from the tutorial?

    You will gain knowledge of 3D Character Creation process in one course.

    Q: What do I need to do before learning this tutorial?

    Install the following software: Maya 2020, xgen, Arnold, zbrush2020, mari4.6v3 (non commercial), substance painter 2019, potshop. Assistant software: zwrap, xnormal.

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