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Wingfox is committed to creating a platform enabling global users to learn and grow. In previous years, we focused on creating world-leading video courses.
ART BY HoOman Raad

60% of the participants are in favor of the Class Registration model

As the contact deepens with users, we found out that self-studying may not fit everyone as not everybody learns the same, not everybody is determined, discipline, and motivated all the time. Students are looking for guidance, feedback comments. So task-based Masterclass is our first attempt.

In order to hear more voices, to a better understanding of the need, our team conducted a market survey on what kind of class people are looking for. Among the participants, 60% of participants are practitioners, and 40% are students in school.


Self-studying is not always easy,
sometimes you just feel:

Less Motivation
No feedback/easy to lose one’s way
More complicated and harder to make progress


What is good about the Class Registration course?

In our survey showed, 60% of the participants believe the Class Registration course could give them:

Have homework to do
More focused / Discipline / Motivation
Live Feedback / Good Guidance / Professional Comment
Interaction with classmates / Gaining insight and new methods from a different viewpoint

A good mentor is a key to start a Class Registration course, right?
So what kind of mentor are people looking for? And these are the answers we got.

Be professional, experienced in the industry
Offer honest feedback
Explain contents in detail

If we are going to tell you Wingfox is going to open a Class Registration workshop which could meet all your needs, what do you say? So how does the workshop work?
Let me got you in details.

Wingfox Certificate

Students who complete the whole class can have a certificate issued by Wingfox Studio. Hope it could be helpful to you when you are finding a job.

Excellent Students

Excellent artwork will be picked up from student submissions. Wingfox will return partial tuition fees as an award to those excellent students who do an excellent job.

3+1 Mode

3 months is the project-creation stage. In these 3 months, you will learn the project creation from beginning to end under teacher guidance, feedback, and comments. 1 month is the submission stage. This month is for you to modify the final project and submit it for the final presentation.

Project-based Teaching, and Project-based Assignments

You are free to choose a theme that you would like to create. At the end of each week, you will be provided an assignment to progress you through the steps of creating a project from beginning to end. It’s necessary for you to complete assignments in order for the teacher could give you actionable steps to take your work to the next level.

Pre-record videos + Weekly Livestream Q & A, and Real-time Comments

Weekly Livestream Q&A discusses extensive topics that you may hit on the learning. Mutual-aid private community, help you get inspiration and solution from peers and teachers. You are free to share any problems that you may hit and get help from each other. Pre-recorded videos provide you a step-by-step process without cut and jump, Livestream can help you obtain extensive knowledge and personal tips and tricks from the teacher.

But, wait! You got to tell me
what kind of workshop you are looking for?

3D/3D Character Modeling
2D/Digital Painting
Game Art

Software and Techniques Applications

The application proficiency of software and techniques is determining the efficiency of the production process, and standardizing the application of software and techniques will result in high quality products. Our course not only teaches our students to use a high standard of production process to complete the production, but also helps them to improve the efficiency and quality of the production process to a new level. In the process of learning, our students will learn at least the following software and techniques, progressively, skillfully use these tools and techniques to boost the quality and efficiency.

Substance Painter
Marvelous Designer

Let me hear your voice!


Vahid Ahmadi

Vahid Ahmadi is a CG artist and digital sculptor, from Bolivia, currently living in Iran, Tehran. He has been working in CG since he was 17 years old and has more than 10 years of experience. Now as a freelancer, he has made 3D character models for many companies and game studios, such as Bluepoint Games, KingSoft games, Seasun games, Darksidetoy collection company, Rcb collections company, Capcom.
His works have been featured on the ZBrush home page and have won several art awards, including “Aries”, which was made in 2018 and exhibited in ASIAGRAPH 2018 as an outstanding work.

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