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Artstation Popular 2020-Games and Real-Time 3D Environment Art Top 10

2020 is coming to an end. Artstation has put together a wall on the home page of the most popular artworks from 2020.
We’ve sorted out artworks of Games and Real-Time 3D Environment Arts for you. Here are the Top 10 of it. Let’s take a look at it!


Bird House by Jasmin Habezai-Fekri

5.7K Likes / 37.1K Views

Inspired by senior concept artist Arturo Serrano’s Bird House, Jasmin Habezai-Fekri, a 3D environment artist from Cologne, Germany made it into 3D.


Sunny Market Entrance by Jasmin Habezai-Fekri

5.6K Likes / 37.7K Views

Congrats to Jasmin Habezai-Fekri! Two of Top Three are hers! Based on the wonderful concept by Hyunsu Cha, it’s A personal PBR project with a touch of hand painting!


Valley of the Fallen Grace (UE4) by Otto Ostera

4.5K Likes / 30.6 Views

Based on a concept piece called MEDIEVAL TOWN by the awesome Romain Jouandeau, it is is an environment piece running in Unreal Engine 4 by Otto Ostera, working at Blizzard Entertainment now.


Black Myth: Wukong’s environment_02 by yang qi917

3.7K Likes / 36.1K Views

Do you still remember the game Black Myth: Wukong which became famous worldwide overnight? Respect to Yang Qi and his team, I can’t wait to play this game!


Old Forgotten Library by Jasmin Habezai-Fekri

3.5K Likes / 21.5 Views

Modeling in Blender, Sculpting in Zbrush, texturing in SP and rendering in Marmoset Toolbag. I would like to call Jasmin Habes-Fekri a generalist of 3D environment.


Stylized UE4 Landscape by Jasmin Habezai-Fekri

3.2K Likes / 23.0K Views

This execution is more suitable for dynamic viewing, welcome to Jasmin Habes-Fekri ‘s artstation! It got 3200 likes and 23,000 views in only past three months! Cheers to beautiful landscape!


Meadows UE4 by David Holland

3.1K Likes / 24.3K Views

A small personal project in David Holland’s eyes but a lot of fun in our mind!This cosy environment is inviting you to see more of this world!


Memories of Australia by Andrew Svanberg Hamilton

3.0K Likes / 31.8K Views
Can you believe it’s actually 3D! It’s way mindblowing and jaw-dropping! Congrats to Andrew Svanberg Hamilton, Art Director at Embark Studios.



2.7K Likes / 16.6K Views
What really caught us is how different each of the moods are, especially the underwater one!
Best lighting I’ve ever seen in 2020! Peter Tran nailed it!


Unreal Engine 5 Demo by Wiktor Öhman

2.6K Likes / 18.7K Views
next-gen features already available in Unreal Engine 4.25 can be seen in this demo! Good job for Wiktor ÖhmanPRO, the Lead Artist at Epic Games!

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