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aesthetics of game art

Become a Top Artist: Improve Your Aesthetics

Artists have an eye for beauty. Never underestimate the impact of aesthetics.

As we often discuss “aesthetics”, some of us may think that art is far away from our lives, which is the scope of professionals.

When browsing social media platforms, we often see some bloggers, some beautiful pictures, and then we try to do it ourselves, only to find that we do not look good in any way. When you are looking at other people’s images, you are looking at a beauty, and when you try, you are trying to make images of beauty, which is closely related to our lives.

Improving your artistic aesthetics is critical to your development in the arts.

What is the point of learning about aesthetics?

If you are curious about art, you may be shocked by the exquisite game art inside LOL, and even want to start to imitate for secondary creation, of course, you would prefer to create a so handsome character by yourself. Or you may be looking for an artist to design a different avatar for you. The reason for doing so maybe that you think your aesthetic is not as good as professional art practitioners, or you don’t have the professional skills or equipment. This alludes to the two professional needs of an artist: aesthetics and skills.

If you are an artist now, you may have felt that you have reached a bottleneck, or sometimes you are complained by users or the main artist about the lack of certain designs. At this time you are troubled by how to improve your aesthetics but can not start, or even feel that you are so talented. While skill is only the threshold of the art industry, aesthetics is what you need to have as a core competency to become a good artist.

Understanding aesthetics helps keep you from being fooled and swindled by less than capable art practitioners. For the latter, it is the core competency that a practitioner should consciously focus on, and perhaps maybe a prerequisite for further career and popularity rise.

Aesthetics in the game industry

The game industry is actually a service industry by nature, and the service industry is typically used and market-oriented, but it also has an art design, which is autonomous content, so some companies have different strategic concepts when making games.

Some manufacturers tend to conservatively serve the mass-based aesthetics of users, drop design costs while steadily following the style of successful products, and precisely target user groups. While some choose to guide the public aesthetic improvement in a high-risk situation, or even open up a new trendy style to create a user group. So we can see that there are games with lower aesthetic levels but earn a lot of money. Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the spiritual level of affluence, which requires all art workers to guide society to make a better pursuit of beauty.

How to improve aesthetics

Whenever we expect to ask for advice from people with excellent aesthetics, we always get vague answers.

“Watch more good works.”

“Read more, practice more, accumulate more.”

Such answers make people feel confused and bewildered, and they may think, “Isn’t that the same as saying nothing at all?”

Don’t ever think it’s something they’re hiding from you. In fact, they usually can’t describe how to do aesthetic learning themselves. They just improve naturally by seeing and practicing more, which is a norm for traditional art practitioners. They focus on their own perception, which is an abstract experience they have trouble translating theoretically.

Crown Girl: A Charming Character and Scene Creation for In-game Advertising

Suitable for Trainees:

Character modelers,3D character artists, Game art Publicity Designers.

The concept of visual access to information

We first need to understand why these two major concepts are aesthetic content, that is, what is the essence of aesthetics. The nature of aesthetics is closely related to the ease of access to information.

When we are observing a picture, our physiological expectation is that information is more intuitively easy to obtain, and having a regular visual representation allows the brain to quickly make up the complete information. When we are observing the picture below, we only need to focus on one of the structures, the rest of the content only needs to have a vague concept you can get the information of this image.

Although the picture is ordered to make people feel more comfortable, it does not stand up to a closer look, because of the consistency of the information, so that the information becomes monotonous. At this point we have another layer of emotional expectation, we expect the information to be valid and meaningful, the repetitive structure is too monotonous and we prefer images with contrast.


A regular picture makes us feel comfortable. Order and rules give a connection to the information of the picture content. Even with a large amount of picture information, we can read only a typical part of the picture and complete the overall picture information by brainstorming. This not only makes it easy for our eyes but also makes the process of distinguishing information in the mind simple and easy.

There are two common types of regular images: symmetry and repetition, and among repetition, there are linear repetition, exponential repetition, etc. Regular images are usually intuitive and have predictable trends. The predictability of the composition of a regular image leads to a more complex and multifaceted image in which the regular elements are inevitably a difficult way to attract a long visual stay. People expect change to be regular but visually unpredictable.

Aesthetics of game art

Special Rules – Noise

Noise is a digital image that is generated according to a programmed algorithm, such as fractal noise (fractal miscellaneous color) in the post-effects software AE (Adobe After Effects). Since it is programmed, there must be certain rules, but the program-generated image avoids artificial randomness very well and is an ideal aesthetic state in terms of rules.

The trend of the noise wave rule can be summarized in one paragraph: overall trend, local variation.

The overall trend is like a large square, which is the largest piece cut from the whole, and the rule is used to divide the whole square into (5×5) 25 pieces, while each change of the large square is divided into 4 equal parts based on the overall random number. The overall trend and local changes are not really “random”, but the result of artificial design.

In nature, many things proceed and happen with their natural selection rules, such as the distribution of fish spitting bubbles and butterflies blooming, we have to artificially reconstruct the picture, according to the rules of the noise wave will be able to create a natural and beautiful artwork.

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Do you like to draw? Do you like animation or video games? Does filmmaking or photography appeal to you? Last but not least, can you imagine yourself creating some form of art for the rest of your life? Reading this article may not tell you how to become a professional artist, but it will help you understand the ideas you need to go through, think through, and ultimately create your own path to success.

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