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AAA Character:Step by Step Guide to Create

Everyone has been a beginner at digital art at some point, when I started exploring digital art it all became a little too confusing for me so this is why I have created the guide for beginners on how to make digital art. To create digital art, you will need a computer or a tablet to download digital art apps and illustration software.

Listed below are 2 recommended online courses from where you can learn techniques and be inspired. Keep in mind that the best way to learn is to take one step at a time.

Focus on one technique before moving on to another and learn from artists online. The possibilities of digital art to create can be overwhelming as a beginner, but remember to have fun and take your time. Baby steps!

What is AAA Character?

So, Have you heard of the AAA Character?Usually, it is a short form for Alot of Money, Alot of Time, Alot of Resources. As it states, these art take a lot of resources to make which makes them call a AAA title.

One of the best ways to learn how to create AAA Character from Scratch is to learn from an experienced artist. That is why you want to discover different online digital art tutorials and online classes. There are many high-quality digital art tutorials create from scratch online, you can follow the tutor step by step.

I have searched in Wingfox for online digital art tutorials from scratch, and this is what I found:

aaa character tutorial

“In this tutorial, we will create a Next-Generation character.
and it covers some advanced points such as high poly model making, low poly model topology and UV bakin etc. Students will have a deep udnerstanding on the process of creating Next-Generation Character.
Besides, this tutorial will also cover Substance Designer, which makes the process of making material easier.
Sculpture brushes and relevant maerials are provided as well.

The is a advance level toturial, which require profound basic knowledge and ralated experiences like Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Marvelous Designer”

  • Learning the standard Next-Generation chracter making process(Full Process Tutorial)
  • High, mid and low poly model’s making tricks and method of topology(Model’s Sculpture Techiniques)
  • Demonstrating advanced tricks of bake and material making(Realistic Character Effect)

Teacher Introduction:JiYu / Senior 3D artist
“Proficient in CG characters and Next-Generation characters making. Participated in many game trails and Next-Generation game projects, as well as developing console game projects
Participated Project: World of Jade Dynasty, Brilliant Jade Dynasty, Tang Dynasty Warrior, Revelation, Wildfire, Don’t even think etc.”

Here you’ll learn every step needed to make the character of your dreams game-ready in UE5, starting from a single idea! A comprehensive guide to those who not only want to watch the steps of a character making but also learn every trick in the book to make their own creations as easy and good-looking as possible.

By the end of this course, you’ll learn everything you might need in order to make a high-quality game character of your choice. By showing you how I work over my character, you’ll understand the concept of everything from sculpting to texturing, rigging, animation, and simulation inside the engine. You’ll know tips and tricks to make your workflow faster and better, plugins and packs that will be saving you hours of work, and ways to make just about everything look beautiful.

Prerequisites: There is no need to have previous knowledge about the software and the techniques used, but it’ll be easier for those who have them.
You’ll only need to have (at least) introductory knowledge about 3D in general. What are meshes, low-poly, textures, UV […] What are rigging and game engines for, etc.

Course Feature

  • You will learn the whole workflow of AAA character creation from modeling to final animation in Unreal Engine.
  • You’ll benefit the most from the tips and tricks to get your character model done, alongside the correct usage of the plugins and packs.

Henrique Sales:
Senior 3D Artist and Unreal Engine 5 Programmer
”I am a Brazilian Senior 3D Generalist and Unreal Engine Programmer since the very beginning. I’m specializing in Character Creation for Real-Time Game Engines, but in the near future, I’ll be also involved in Prop and Environment Art, alongside Unreal Engine 5 programming and everything that comes with it (VFX, Shading, Illumination, etc).

I can say with ease that I’m going to the stage that is reaching Advanced 3D art. My knowledge involves pretty much everything that you need to complete an artwork from very scratch, going into subjects such as Modelling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation, Shaders, and implementation on the game engine.

My ultimate goal is to be able to create pretty much everything you need to create a fully working high-quality video game.”

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