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3D Modeling: A skill you won’t regret learning

Are you complaining again that your skills are so backward that it took half a month to create a 3D character?

Are you looking for modeling skills that can quickly improve your work efficiency?

It’s never too late to learn, come to Wingfox to improve your artistic skills!

Ask your questions, get personalized feedback from the master, and get your skills improved.

Learn the whole process of modeling work and improve your modeling efficiency quickly.

Join the Discord group and receive different artistic inspirations every day.

Still, hesitating? Don’t miss the opportunity.

3d character modeling courses

How long does it take to model a 3D character?

It can take anywhere between an hour and a few weeks. If your character form consists of simple shapes and a small amount of detail, it will take an hour and require more time to add more complexity, texture, and detail. Two other factors may have a significant impact on the time required.

1) The number of polygons in the model.

2) Which modeling technique (sculpting, conversion from 2D, polygon meshing, etc.) is used to create the asset.

Where can you use 3D characters?

Let’s take a look at the various uses of 3D character models.


First and foremost, personas are critical to creating training programs and simulations. When employees need to learn a new procedure or technique, they can use personas as a reference for how they should do the action. An example is Barry, a grumpy old man who teaches company executives and HR representatives how to properly let employees go in a simulation.


Many people associate 3D characters with games, and for good reason. These models act as protagonists, antagonists, or neutral characters that drive the gameplay forward. They become part of a larger narrative and are important for drawing players into the story and keeping them playing the game. For example, Rock Golem, designed by 3D-Ace, acts as the Boss in the game’s battles; he is a threatening figure with great power that the player must overcome to continue their quest.


By this we mean videos, cartoons, movies and various other visual media aimed at a general audience. Sometimes media is intended to entertain (such as Pixar films or comedy shorts), and sometimes it has a more serious purpose. For example, many science and history-related broadcasts choose to create 3D movie characters to illustrate events and processes, while schools and other institutions apply them to make education more fun and accessible. You can bring the beloved Transformers character Bumblebee to life and show how he moves and expresses himself, thus demonstrating how animation can be done.


Today, thousands of brands use 3D character models in their advertising and marketing materials. Companies have found that one of the best ways to showcase their products is to show how people interact with them, or simply create comical animations and characters with unique design styles. For example, to showcase a beautiful blue polka dot dress, you could create an animated model based on a rotating 3D female character design with the skirt of the dress moving lifelike.

How much does it cost to create a character model?

There is no inherent cost to create a model, but you may need to pay for hardware and software. This includes the license for the modeling program you choose and any digital equipment needed to capture/create the asset. Without a doubt, the largest investment will come in the form of paying for the time spent by experts.

How much does it cost to hire a modeler?

Hourly rates for 3D modelers vary widely, depending on their mode of collaboration (full-time work, project work, freelance), their location, skill level, and the difficulty of the work required. For example, on the popular freelancing site Upwork, top experts charge over $50 per hour.

Obviously, if you can create a character, you will have a great benefit. So, it’s time for you to start learning character modeling. wingfox is a professional online digital art education platform with numerous tutorials in the art and design industry. If you are interested, hurry up and start your digital art journey.

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