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C4D,A 3D Software for Beginners

C4D introduction

C4D is a German 3D design software, full name is CINEMA 4D, it has a high computing speed and powerful rendering plug-in, rendering effect close to the real, but also has the world’s most advanced hair system. Compared to MAYA, 3Dmax and other 3D software, it is fast to learn, and there are many built-in models, the learning threshold is much lower, very suitable for beginners.

So, how to learn C4D better? Here are 9 tips for learning C4D

Can Factory-Full Creation Process of C4D Original Scene Design

1. Know yourself and position yourself accurately.

C4D is a very powerful software, a wide range of functions, you can model, you can do animation, you can do special effects assistance, you can do plane elements and so on.

Before learning, first to have a general understanding of their own situation, clear learning C4D purpose, to focus on targeted learning, to remember, no one is omnipotent, you can not do everything proficient, to have a precise learning positioning.

2. Develop new operating habits and thinking logic.

If you are a beginner and need to get used to C4D, it will take some time. In addition, tools stimulate creative ideas, and as you become familiar with some of the tools’ features, they stretch your thinking logic. You need to learn it as a new piece of software, even if you are already familiar with other software in the 3D space.

C4D works

3. Course selection

There are so many courses online that I don’t know what courses to choose. Or they have already chosen a course and are attracted to other courses, resulting in the failure of the previous knowledge. In my opinion, it is necessary to choose a systematic course to teach you step by step, from modeling to rendering. Wingfox offers these classes, the instructors are very friendly, the price is very good, in addition to C4D, there are other 3D art tutorials like Maya, Blender, etc

Learn now ↗

4.With interest to learn, not other purposes.

This is important, many people study C4D to get a job, there is nothing wrong with that in itself. But you are missing one point, are you suitable to study C4D? Is it for money or for fun? Make no mistake, the latter comes before the former, if you have no interest, then your learning is meaningless, it is difficult to achieve results, and there is no way to rely on this technology, how to talk about money? Interest can guide your direction.

5.Don’t let go of any small details.

Details are an important basis to measure an excellent work, as well as an important basis to measure the level of learning. Whether you are creating, or learning, you should not let go of any seemingly insignificant details. Study, you might run into a few will use small command, small tools, because of course and the teacher didn’t talk about, so you don’t have to ignore it.

perhaps unconsciously you will find that “it” as “useless”, didn’t you think you even have very alternative and very useful tips, believe me, you will enjoy it. This is especially true when it comes to writing. Being obsessed with details is not your fault. On the contrary, it can make your work even better. But don’t lose sight of the whole for the sake of details.

6. Use the help files of the software itself.

Don’t worry when you have problems in your study. C4D has built in very detailed help files, use them more, the official explanation is more authoritative.

7.Often use the brain and hands.

To learn about C4D, you read a lot of tutorials. Some you follow the tutorial and some you understand so well that you don’t feel the need to do it again! Am I right? Don’t trust your instincts at all times. Just give it a try and you’ll know.

Sometimes once is not enough. In addition, do not rush to pursue the teacher’s work exactly the same effect, to know that the same effect, everyone makes different, even if it is the same person, do two times will not be exactly the same! You learn the knowledge, not the effect. Add your own ideas, as long as you can achieve the purpose of learning, you can follow one’s inclinations!

8.Stick to it, meet difficulties don’t give up easily.

This applies to anything, learning is the same, encounter a little difficulty, think they are not suitable, that is called inferiority! Keep encouraging yourself. You can do it, but it takes persistence, time, and effort.

9. From now on, your main job is “study

Remember this sentence, from the moment you decide to do design work, the word “learning” will accompany you for life, you do, there are only three things: learning, learning, learning! Because you master the knowledge, never catch up with the development of science and technology, catch up with the update of technology, catch up with the popularity of the industry.

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