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cyberpunk girl

How to Draw a Cyberpunk Girl?

Cyberpunk is a sub-genre of science fiction. It is set in the future, but it is more along the lines of the “high tech, low life” philosophy.

These girls are in a futuristic environment, but more of a seedy subculture, wandering the dark side of the future world.

They are hackers, they are gangsters, they are people who are not afraid to go downstairs and get dirty.

The common attributes of cyberpunk are advanced technology and scientific advances such as cybernetics, cyborg, and robotics. However, this advanced technology is juxtaposed with the breakdown of society.

Often, the typical cyberpunk character is an alienated loner, living on the fringes of society and often making modifications to the human body.

Classic anime, such as Attack on Titan, and newer anime, such as Psycho-Pass, are good examples of the cyberpunk genre. (I highly recommend you watch them!)


The women in cyberpunk are not your usual damsels in distress. They are on the front lines, killing ass and making men run for their money.

The cyberpunk genre is full of anti-heroes, and women are no exception. They’re complex, tough, and often scary, but they also tend to have a weakness. They are not afraid to take responsibility.

No two female characters are ever the same.

Check out these impressive examples of cyberpunk girls below.

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How do you draw a cyberpunk girl?

Some of these images are incredibly dynamic. There’s a sense of flow and movement. So how do they do it?

Here’s what you can take to improve your cyberpunk character designs. If you have other tips and ideas, please feel free to share them in the comments below.

To capture the essence of a character, understanding characterization and how it moves and expresses itself is key to creating believable and expressive cyberpunk characters.

Practice Drawing

Character sketching is essential for anyone who wants to develop their character design skills.

Play with dynamic poses and gestures. Check out the flow and composition of the image above to see how it begins to work.

What are the common directions and lines in the composition that make each piece stand out?

Wingfox has several great figure drawing classes that can help you understand how to make the most of your characters.

cyberpunk girl

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Explore modern subcultures for inspiration

If you are looking for ideas, research modern subcultures for inspiration.

Many images are inspired by punk, trance, gothic and musical subcultures. Look at how they dress. What are these people’s hairstyles?

Cyberpunk is largely about the subculture of people on the margins of society in the science fiction universe.

By looking at those subcultures on the edge of our current modern society, you can begin to imagine what this group of people will look like in 10, 50, 100 years.

Find inspiration in mechanical and everyday technology

Look around your room and take note of all the technology you see. Your phone, your laptop, maybe your drawing board. Ask yourself, “What will these things look like in 10, 50, 100 years?

How will people interact with them?

Will they be stand-alone devices, or will they be integrated into the human form in some way?

What would your phone look like if it was part of you?

Map these items that you use every day. Draw them as they are and understand their shape, function, and form. Then imagine what they will look like in the future and draw them.

See how this technology can be integrated as part of the human body and draw them again.

Understanding Anatomy

Even though you may have practiced poses, gestures, and dynamic drawing, you can develop your understanding of human anatomy.

Cyborgs and mechanical limbs are common attributes of cyberpunks. By understanding how anatomy works and how the human body moves, you can use this knowledge and tweak it when creating these cybernetic enhancements.

What muscles produce what movement? When you understand these dynamics, you can see how machines can integrate or replace parts of the body.

For example, how can I have something to replace the upper arm? What will replace the biceps when I rebuild the robotic arm? Can the biceps be armored, with the work hidden underneath? What would it look like if the limbs were made of metal and plastic, instead of muscle and bone.

Add these ideas to your drawing exercise, play them, put them together, and see how they turn out. Don’t be afraid to try random things – they might just create something awesome!


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