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Wingfox Student Artwork Showcase-Spring

Editor: Sian

Previously we launched a student artwork showcase activity on our discord server, inviting our students to share their artworks created from Wingfox’s courses.
Here we got 16 submissions in total from 2D and 3D categories. Let’s take a look at them and see how they feel about the courses!

3D Category Submissions:

From @Takashi Kikkawa (Winner)

Course name: Terence Mckenna Digital Bust – Making of

About the course: This tutorial is super useful. I can get knowledge about Xgen. I can deeply learn effective expression and shader of Xgen.

From @lekim

Course name: Mastering 3D Modeling in Maya

About the course: The course is amazing! Not only have I learned a lot about modeling, but also rendering, shading and lighting. What makes this course stand out is a whole section about topology which is an extremely important topic, especially to people who are new to 3D. Overall, I’m super happy with my decision to purchase the course.

From @PerXx

Course name: The Dwarf Warrior: 3D Character Creation For Game

About the course: I just finished the Dwarf Warrior course and it was absolutely amazing. I learned so much and it really helped that it was all in real-time and it didn’t leave out anything. I now have a better understanding of the pipeline and I will put it to good use.

From @Jean-Baptiste Gaeng

Course name: Mastering 3D Modeling in Maya

About the course: Mario Brajdich is an excellent tutor and I enjoyed the course immensely (before taking it, I had almost no experience in 3D modeling). I had a lot of trouble at the beginning to familiarize myself with the marking menus of Maya and I took a lot of time to integrate all the keyboard shortcuts. Once I got past this difficult stage I really enjoyed a lot modeling in Maya. I would recommend the Wingfox course to anyone interested in 3D modeling in Maya.

From @Jean-Baptiste Gaeng

Course name: Large scale Environment Creation

About the course: A fabulous course. In this one, I discovered a workflow that was totally unknown to me until now and I have also learned to use Clarisse iFX, which I think is a really great software to create large environments: its ability to handle geo instances is simply amazing. I really enjoyed following the tutorial. I have to say that Emilis is one of the best teachers I’ve ever follow too, very clear explanation. I am proud of my results Thanks to the Yiihuu team for making available the best CG courses

From @Anaslis

Course name: Mountain Cottage in Twinmotion – From Zero to Hero

About the course: The course helped me more than I thought. I learned a lot about the Arch Viz. Especially the parts related to camera animations and lighting have been very useful for me.

From @florianmking

Course name: Female Bust in Marmoset Toolbag

From @Axcel

Course name: Female Bust Course in Marmoset Toolbag

About the course: I still have a long way to go but i learn a lot with this course especially the hair card creation!

2D Category Submissions:

From @JAWSII (Winner)

Course name: Cyberpunk Art and Drawing Course

About the course: A big thanks to Gharliera, by the course (even if it’s just in half way) I have learned pretty much from the lecture Gharliera. Thank you.

From @Alexxa16

Course name: Level Up your Digital Painting Skills: From Beginner to Advanced

About the course: The course of beyond all expectations, it was totally in deep, I learned so much, I’ve learned about photo bashing, mate painting, textures and brushes, color correction, sketching, composition, and even simple comic coloring!, the teacher didn’t skip anything and I felt totally happy and satisfied, I have recommended to all the friends and groups I could because it’s a totally worthy course.

Course name: Level Up your Digital Painting Skills: From Beginner to Advanced

About the course: This was the first time I’ve used photo bashing and I really got totally surprised by the result, I think the course is very deep, very complete, and I was able to translate these skills to a personal project, so I recommend this course a lot.

Course name: Level Up your Digital Painting Skills: From Beginner to Advanced

About the course: This was my first time using special effects, the magic fire, energy really gave the painting a new level, i now know how to give a magical touch to my paintings.

Course name: Basic Environment Concept Design for Wuxia Films

About the course: I like the course so far but sometimes I feel they work very fast, also as they didn’t provide the complete set of references and the PSD project file, it wasn’t as easy to follow but besides that, it was totally a bargain and I recommend it. This is my first time doing an elaborated landscape and I think it’s going good so far.

From @Jiubeck

Course name: Making 2D Cyberpunk Street in Photoshop and Animating It in After Effects

About the course: For a first try I am pretty happy with the result.

From @GitasArt

Course name: Level Up your Digital Painting Skills: From Beginner to Advanced

About the course: Today I started with the matte painting in a steampunk style and I’m really enjoying it. I want to create some of my own guns soon but here is what I have so far. I ended up using my own brushes as I’m just more comfortable with them. Feeling inspired to continue.

From @Night

Course name: Lucid, a Fantasy Character Illustration Tutorial

About the course: Not yet done with the course, but so far it’s been great!

The activity is held regularly. If you guys are interested in it, warmly welcome to join our discord server for more info!

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