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how to create a 3d creation

10 Steps Guide you to Create a 3D Character

Do you enjoy playing games and are interested in 3D characters in games. Or are you very keen on 3D movies and TV? Even wondering if I could create a 3D character that I like?

For the novice, it is not an easy task to create a 3D character, there is still a lot to do. The first thing you need to do is to learn about the 3D industry, so you know where to start. Secondly, you need to be familiar with the relevant software, such as 3Dmax, Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop, etc. In addition to perseverance, you also need a good teacher to lead you to start.

What is most important is to have a good teacher who can take you forward. It is inevitable that you will encounter problems during the learning process, and a teacher who is always online to answer them will be your best helper. It is best to take a class to learn how to create a 3D character, and Wingfox is an online design education platform for CG art, where you can learn to create all kinds of visual art.

At Wingfox, Hooman Raad offers a course: 3D Character for Realtime Production, which is a course that teaches you how to create a 3d character. Hooman Raad is a senior 3D character artist with over 6 years of experience in 3D modelling. He has worked on many international projects such as: War Machine 5 – Escape Mode – Trailer, Elder Scroll Summerset Trailer, Red Alert OL and Darkmadness.

3d character creation for game
3d characters
a 3d character

In his course you will learn how to understand and analyse character concepts and then prepare them for modelling; use software for modelling, blocking out, high poly modelling and much more. Through the course, you will learn how to create a 3d character and gain a deeper understanding of modelling skills.

This course will last 12 weeks. During this time, you will get:

1. Understanding the concept and creating the base model

In the first week you learn how to interpret concept drawings, master the skills of analysing concept drawings, understand the impact of concepts on the model and finally create the base model.

create a 3d character

2. Mastering the methods of high modelling

The lecturer will lead you through creating a tall model in ZBrush, finding mistakes and fixing them, followed by creating a tall model of the hand.

highpoly of 3d character

3. Performing body high modelling of 3d character

In this week you will learn how to create a tall model of the body in ZBrush and add detail to the model.

adding details of 3d character creation

4. Learning to create a head height mould

During the fourth week, your goal is to optimize the body model and add more detail to it under the guidance of the lecturer. Then start creating the face and adding details to the head.

head highpoly of 3d character

5. Topology of the body and making hands

On weeks 5 and 6, the lecturer will go over the 3D Coat topology and optimise the structure of the topology. Then the body and hands will be topologised.

3d character courses
3d character course

6. Familiarity with topology props

In this stage, you will become familiar with the use of the topology props and start to organize the low model.

retopology of 3d character

7. Learning UV mapping and baking mapping

To create a 3d character, you will learn the principles of spreading UVs for game characters and optimise the model according to the new generation of game engines and bindings. Then bake the texture in Substance Painter and learn to paint the textures. You will learn about painting textures in Substance Painter and using various materials.

UV mapping of 3d character
texturing new fabrics of 3d character

8. Texturing new fabric

In this section you will master techniques for texturing new fabrics, heads and eyes, and how to set up materials such as fabric, plastic and cloth.

texturing hair of 3d character

9. Modelling and texturing hair

In this week, the instructor will teach you how to create short hairstyles and hair techniques, lead you through the process of texturing and modelling your 3d character model.

3d character model

10. Finishing the 3d character creation

Set up the head, hair and eye textures in UE4 and complete the hair creation as well as the costume and appearance creation. You will then be introduced to different types of lighting techniques, post-processing in photoshop. Finally, you can create a 3d character.

create a 3d character

Wingfox is an online design education platform for CG art, where you can learn to create all kinds of visual art. Whether you are a novice interested in design, a design school student or an artist, you can find inspiration in Wingfox to go further in your artistic path.

This is a great course on 3D character creation, At Wingfox, Hooman Raad offers a course: 3D Character for Realtime Production, which is a course that teaches you how to create a 3d character, and there are many more interesting and practical courses for you to discover at Wingfox. Come and join Wingfox.

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