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Is it possible to learn 3D modeling without art skills?

Many people love animation, and even want to engage in work related to the animation industry, but they suffer from not learning painting since childhood and without a solid foundation in art. So can I learn anime if I don’t know how to paint?

The concept of anime

sure! 3D modeling make it !This is because animation production is not only done through “painting”. it is a very vague concept. In the two-dimensional culture, static comics can be referred to as animations; dynamic comics can also be referred to as animations. And dynamic cartoons are often unified as animations in the industry. The production of an animation animation includes a lot of links. Such as original painting design, character animation design, rendering synthesis design and so on. 3D modeling is suitable for people with very weak artistic skills.

Master the space modeling ability

If it is a basic skill in painting, it will have little effect on the learning of 3D modeling without it. Because 3D modeling mainly relies on software to make a three-dimensional model that conforms to the original painting settings, and uses computer software technology to replace traditional art techniques, what we really need to master the space modeling ability. Three essential software for 3D modeling: 3dsmax+maya+zbrush. If you simply want to cultivate your own hobbies and have extra time to learn, you can also learn modeling by yourself, but you must be self-disciplined and ensure that your learning time is effective enough. But if you want to work in this industry, self-study is not recommended. The time cost of self-study is high, and if you encounter problems while watching the tutorial, you will not know how to solve it. I’d also consider wingfox, which is a pretty good online mentorship for aspiring animators of all are courses i recomend you to start 3D modeling.

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Improve aesthetic ability

In many cases, the original paintings given to 3D modelers are not comprehensive, and it is necessary for the modeler to accurately draw the model of the character or scene in the 3D space. The foundation of fine arts is very important. Of course, it is better to have a foundation in fine arts to learn 3D. But texture drawing is not the same as painting. Students who do not have a foundation in art should pay more attention to life and improve their artistic accomplishments and aesthetic abilities, such as color, light and shadow, and details. Will there be pressure without a foundation in art?Of course. Because of this, you need to work harder than those who have a foundation in art. Of course, it does not mean that you cannot learn game design without art foundation. Many facts prove that even if you are not an art student, you can learn game modeling well and you can become a very good modeler.

Now the game modeling part is generally divided into scenes and roles. As the name suggests, roles are living things such as characters and animals in the game, and scenes are dead things such as the environment, machinery, and props in the game. From a learning point of view, the starting point of the role is relatively high, it requires a relatively good art foundation, and a skilled understanding of human body structure.

Keep learning

But the more you learn the character, the easier it is, and the scene is just the opposite. It is endless to learn. No matter what the character does, the principle is the same, that is, the structure of the human body. You will become more proficient. The scene will be exposed to a lot of other professional knowledge to learn, observe life, and accumulate a lot of experience. For example, to make a city street, you need to understand the knowledge of urban planning, and even to study how the sewers are arranged is real. For another example, if you want to make a set of armor, you have to study the history of the weapon’s development, look at the characteristics of this weapon, and even understand what parts of this armor are.

Only the more detailed you understand, can you The better you do. In general, the role is difficult to learn, the easier it is to make it; the scene is relatively easy to learn, but to do well requires continuous learning to improve all aspects of literacy. The game scene is one of the largest proportions of the work objects of game art. With the development of game technology, the complexity of the scene is also getting higher and higher. The number and skill requirements of the staff in this area have also increased.

If you love it, do it

The level of 3D modeling and the level of painting have a very large relationship with the aesthetic level of art. Therefore, those who study fine art don’t always think about painting, look more and think more, and improve your own vision. No matter what kind of industry you are in, what kind of position, a heart that loves animation, a responsibility, and regards work as a hobby, not just a job, it is whether you can be in this profession The key to gaining your own sense of worth and accomplishment.

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