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3 Guides To Making Fan Art

Fan art is a great way for people to imagine a beloved character in a new or exciting way. Or maybe you just want to paint a tribute to your favorite TV show, anime, movie or video game.

Whatever you plan to do with your specific fan art, you want to make it better.

After all, if you didn’t really like the character in the first place, you wouldn’t be creating this kind of fan art at all. The least you can do is make sure it’s of good quality.

Thankfully, there are a few tips you can follow to make sure it’s good, and I’m going to share with you today!

Study the main characteristics of a person or person

When creating fan art, you want the finished piece to look like the character you want to represent.

The best way to do this is to really get acquainted with the traits or traits of the characters that make them so unique. Learn painting skills to make your fan art look even better!

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This is obviously easier for artists who create character fan art in media where you can see them in person, but even if you are creating character fan art from a book, you can use the author’s details to focus on the character main feature.

Maybe jot down key points to remember so you know you’re creating as accurate fan art as possible.

If you’re able to see your character in a video game, movie, TV show, or anime, etc, then yes, it will indeed be easier for you, but be careful not to trip yourself up by copying the image directly.

In fan art you should capture the essence of the character, so only choose to make the character their characteristic, rather than duplicating every little detail.

You’re not thinking about creating an exact copy image, so make sure the main function inspires your work, but don’t copy anything directly.

Use reference photos

fan art

While direct copying of an image is definitely something you should never do, reference photos are often used by some of the best fan artists in the world.

You need something that will make you an artist.

It’s easy to let the creativity go with you, to the point that your fan art is no longer really fan art because your characters don’t even look the same.

Creativity is great, when creating anything (even fan art) you should allow yourself some artistic license, but reference photos will make your characters look the way they should so others will instantly recognize Who your fan art is about.

Once you’ve created your fan art, you probably want to show everyone the art you’ve been working on, so it’s important to make sure the characters are represented accurately.

It is also very important to have a reference photo that highlights the main features of the character.

You’ve probably studied them and know them very well, but it’s important to take a picture with you as you draw your character so you can reference it to prevent yourself from straying too far from the character.

The whole point of fan art is to show the characters in the best possible way, and reference photos can really help.

Remember that getting inspiration from a photo is very different from copying it, so be careful when painting.

Innovation in your fan art

The internet is full of fan art.

Big movies tend to inspire huge numbers of fan-made artwork, especially if the story involves fantasy or science fiction. Moviegoers like to feel like they are part of the cinematic experience, and many of them will be content to create something similar to the original.

Remember there is a difference between making fan art just for fun and using it as a form of artistic expression.

Both are perfectly valid, but the second requires more effort. If you want your work to stand out in a sea of ​​illustrations based on the same characters and objects, then you have to be innovative and original (yes, you can do that when borrowing someone else’s characters! That’s why there are images like A million movies and series about Dracula).

Play around and make new posters for the movie, keep working on it until you find a result you’re happy with.

When you’re not bound by marketing principles, you can gender-shift characters, cross over your favorite franchises, anthropomorphize animals, and animalize humans.

In this copyrighted world where everything seems to have been invented, it’s important to find your own trademark

in conclusion
The main message for any new artist looking to put their skills to use in fan art is that you need to do something unique. A lot of people might like your character, but everyone has different reasons.

It’s your job to present your character in the best possible way, and you can do it by thinking a little differently than everyone else. Try to improve your drawing art to do this.

You should try to put something unique into your work so that you become more attached to the work.

After all, the best quality art ever comes from artists who have a special connection to their work.

If you can do that, your fan art is not only meaningful to you, but an incredible piece of art for everyone who sees it.

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