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Christmas Art Challenge

Editor: Sian

Last month we held a Christmas Art Challenge, inviting our members to create Christmas-themed artworks and share them on our discord server. It turned out that we got many excellent entries.
Some of the participants share with us their feeling when making their artworks:

Happy dino family celebrating Christmas by Amozaya

“I joined Wingfox just a couple of months ago, and so far it has been not only a great learning platform, but also a great community for artists where you can share your work and ideas, get help, or simply make new friends. I was feeling excited to be a part of the Christmas Art Challenge, but first I had to come up with an interesting, yet not over-complicated idea for my art.

By browsing for inspiration, I found some nice art of dinosaurs dressed up in Santa’s hat and Christmas sweater, so it gave me an idea to make my own Santa T.Rex. I decided to go with a more stylized and cartoonish look to keep my work simpler, yet still making it look nice and “cute”, as I didn’t have much time left before the deadline. As at the time I was following “Stylized Character Archaeologist” course on Wingfox, it really helped me to achieve that cartoonish look I was aiming for and get the right set up for my scene, because I have never done stylized characters before.

At the end, I would like to say thank you to all Wingfox team and members of Discord community for your support. I was really surprised when I found out my art has won the challenge, and it has made me more inspired than ever. Now, I got some ideas for my new projects, and I’m sure Wingfox will be there to support and help to learn.”

Weary Christmas by Zeleony

“This challenge came in a right time as I wanted an excuse to learn Unreal and for my challenge I decided to do a concept done by JeeHyung Lee using shaders done in the Dwarf tutorial by Hooman. It was of course a lot of work as I needed to learn to use a new software from scratch almost as I have never learned Unreal properly. There were many ups and downs throughout the process, but the community was very helpful and encouraging throughout the process. Even if I couldn’t achieve the expected results I wanted I still got a lot out of the creation process and looking forward I know I can do better thanks to this opportunity.

Thank you Wingfox for giving me the Silver prize and giving out so many prices out to the community! As being artists nowadays is a hard thing as some can’t afford to buy the tutorials as good and cheap as they might be.”

Delivering letters by Constanza

“When i thought about the contest i wondered myself what was the special gift for this year to me and by me, i wrote a letter to a dear person to me and sent it overseas, so my drawing represent a letter deliverer, i wanted it to be in a dreamy atmosphere since that person represent to me the inspiration to create.

Studying at Wingfox i’ve realised education is something i can do at anytime at anyplace and is very beauty to see an active community on Discord interacting. At difference many other art’s courses I’ve taken that doesn’t feel the warmth of real people interacting.I value that, a lot. Presence, and you all the Admins and Staff bringing ideas to make the community more human and active is something i appreciate a lot.

Education for me also is nourish myself from others.I wasn’t expecting to win a silver prize since there were some entries i really admired and loved, but i appreciate people voting for my art.

It was exciting i must admit, i don’t use to join contest, but actually thanks two peers i was motivated to do so, one of them worked so hard for his entry, that one thing really pushed me to try it. I’m happy to have the chance to have another course as a price, i think for real, the best price and gift we can give us as humans, is education. Education that we choose to, being able to decide our learning experience in an accessible and friendly international way, its fantastic!”

Following are other fantastic entries from the challenge:

Thank you guys again for all your entries! For you guys who want to join our server, please feel free to click:

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