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Collection: A list of 6 Procreate tutorials in Wingfox

Last time we talked about some drawing skills of Procreate. So let’s talk about the Procreate tutorials on Wingfox today. While the year is ending, let’s take stock of these tutorials.

1. Procreate Tutorials for Beginners

Suitable for trainees: those who want to contact with ipad painting, those who are interested in anime and animation painting, and those who can only copy the original picture and have a weak foundation

Software: Procreate 5X 8

This course is based on the use of basic procreate software and illustration drawing, mainly explains the use of procreate software skills and methods and the basic knowledge of drawing characters. Mainly for zero basic and weak foundation of the software is not familiar with the students. It can help to sort out the process of drawing and drawing ideas.

1. familiarity with the use of the software

2. how to draw the hair and eyes of the character

3. for the light and shadow painting method

4. complete illustration drawing, sketching, line drawing, coloring, post

2. The Medieval Maiden

Suitable for trainees: Illustrators, students who love to draw

Software:Photoshopcc ; Procreate

This procreate tutorial is a full-process explanation of the case of drawing retro girls in Procreate, analyzing the methods and points of drawing retro girls. With the instructor’s personal experience in color matching, he will explain the knowledge points of color matching when drawing. The instructor will be from the concept, draft, laying color, refinement of the four levels of in-depth analysis, and at the end to teach you how to add a variety of light and shadow effects to enhance the integrity of the finished product.

1. Full process production

There is a complete set of painting process analysis. From conception, draft, to overall coloring, and then to character detailing

2. Painting experience sharing: analyze the painting skills of the girl, share the instructor’s personal color matching experience and painting skills.

Core knowledge: learn to draw the details of the characters, and add various light and shadow effects to enhance the richness and completeness of the work.

Warm Tips

This course requires some software foundation. The first two sections at the beginning of this course use ps to draw drafts and the starting stage, followed by Procreate to refine the finished product.

3. Drawing Realistic+Cartoon Style Digital Characters Using Procreate

Suitable for:

1. Those who enjoy drawing purely

2. Those who want to learn Procreate digital painting skills

3. Those who want to learn basic portrait painting

4. Those who are engaged in art-related fields

5. Beginners of painting

6. Those who use iPad to draw anywhere and anytime

Software: Procreate 5x

You will benefit from this Procreate tutorial. This course will demonstrate two different styles of illustration, how to use the Procreate App to draw realistic characters from scratch and then create a cartoon style illustration. The style of the artwork is more realistic with a personal touch, highlighting the character’s personality characteristics. The lecturer will also lead you to easily draw the first draft of the face and upper body structure and coloring techniques.

After the Procreate tutorial, you will also be taught how to express the natural texture of hair and skin, and how to use light and dark layers to express three-dimensional techniques. Trainees can see more clearly how the instructor manages the first draft, colors, effects, layers, etc. through the whole process, giving you a deeper understanding of digital painting step by step.

4. Procreate寫實+卡通風格數字人物繪畫全流程雙案例教學【粵語中字】

This is the Cantonese Chinese version of the previous procreate tutorial. For more information you can take a look at this article: 5 Steps to Create a Digital Illustration with Procreate

5. 寫實人物厚塗板繪教程-京劇人物的塑造

Suitable for : people who are interested in Procreate painting, people who are interested in thick painting of Peking Opera characters, trainees with zero basic thick painting

Software used: Procreate; Artstudio Pro

This course introduces how to draw a realistic Chinese Peking Opera character using the thick painting technique. The Procreate tutorial includes the process and techniques of drawing the character’s face, accessories, clothes, shape and background. We hope to help you to solve some of the problems you encountered in drawing characters with thick paint and to teach you some techniques of drawing Chinese style characters.

6. Ipad Pocreate童話治愈風插畫繪畫:雪人先生的禮物

Suitable for : anyone who has basic knowledge of painting and likes painting

Software used: Procreate 5×7

In this Procreate tutorial, we will use the Procreate software on the Ipad to create a storytelling, fairy-tale illustration. The overall tutorial starts from the illustration logic theory into the picture drawing, then we will learn how to shape the details of the picture and finally the overall light and shadow portrayal. Finally, we will create an illustration with a fairy tale atmosphere, light and shadow atmosphere and texture.

In the beginning, we will learn the basic functions of Procreate software – the adjustment function, the application of layer properties and the application of brush strokes, the different ways of expression on the same screen. At the end of the Procreate tutorial, we will process and add light and shadow to the picture.

The new year is almost over, and we have many new digital art courses this year, so you can rest assured that there is something for you. After seeing so many practical and thoughtful Procreate tutorials, you can’t wait to join the course to learn it? If you join the course now, you will enjoy a 10% discount on the purchase of the course. How do you get the discount?

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