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What is the Experience of Becoming a CG Designer

Perhaps you are particularly interested in CG art and have heard that CG designers usually take a long time to complete a great piece of work. That is really a challenge of patience and perseverance. After all, there is no such thing as an overnight success. However, when they see the presented work, they can’t say how satisfied they are. All the effort is worth it. As a person interested in the art industry, have you always wondered what is it like be a CG designer?

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1.Creating artworks

CG designers can use some auxiliary tools, such as Maya, Zbrush, 3dsMax, Blender and other drawing tools for CG drawing, and combine their imagination and drawing expertise to create a work. Ordinary people have a special envy of artists, that is, they can present their ideas and thoughts in paintings. Whereas others, in general, use words to express their ideas. But in many cases, words are not as intuitive and obvious to show the connotation, and there will always be something that cannot be expressed by words. However, art forms such as paintings can do just that. Despite the absence of words, the audience can always feel the author’s thoughts from the work and appreciate the beauty of the work, and soothe the soul.

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2. Communicating with other designers

People who pursue perfection will never stop learning and improving. The vast majority of CG artists will post their works on relevant platforms, while appreciating the works of other artists. In this process, it is also undoubtedly a good way to learn. Everyone can exchange experiences with each other, refine more CG drawing skills and continuously improve themselves.

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3. More choice for future career

Perhaps some of the CG designers will be freelance designers, who can create without restrictions and pressure from all sides. However, it is not possible for everyone to have such opportunity. Instead, more people will join studios to draw illustrations, participate in games, animations, movies and so on. Of course, there are also many people who can work on related side jobs, which can also add more extra income.

CG drawing

4. Becoming a Mentor

Mentor is the guiding light in the course of life, which can make us take less detours. An excellent CG designer can become a mentor to guide people who are new to the CG design industry through practical CG courses, so that they won’t run around like a headless chicken, bumping into walls everywhere. There are many people who want to enter the CG design industry with strong enthusiasm, but they all give up in the end due to the lack of guidance and methods. Those who believe that self-taught can result in success will also gradually give up halfway, because they do not have enough self-control. So if a good mentor leads you into the door, it is a lucky thing.

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A good CG designer is never born to draw. In addition to the passion for art and unremitting practice, you also need a good master to guide you. So, where to find such a good mentor? Here is a good online learning platform for design: Wingfox, where there are many excellent CG courses, and lecturer can provide you with assistance. You can learn a lot about drawing skills, the operation of auxiliary tools, and the problems you need to pay attention to, and you can seek help from the lecturer if you encounter any problems in learning.

Sincerely hope you can realize your dream of becoming a CG designer, click the link: , and Wingfox will grow with you.

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