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What Skills does a Good CG Illustrator Need?

Illustration covers a wide range of fields, including animation, games or film aspects, as well as some areas such as advertising illustration and magazine publications. And with the rapid development of the industry, the demand for CG illustrators is also increasing. 

character illustration

To be a good CG illustrator, what skills do you need to master? In fact, the road from an amateur drawing hobbyist to a good illustrator is quite tortuous.

Here are the essential skills of a good CG illustrator.

  • Sketching skills
  • Changes of color
  • Software operation
  • Creative thinking
  • Communication skills
  • Patience

1. If you want to become a good CG illustrator, you need to master sketching skills.

Many people who learn illustration have some basic drawing skills, but it is recommended that those who have drawing skills treat themselves as beginners.

A lot of practice in sketching will help you a lot in drawing illustrations, including layering, spatiality, texture, and composition. For illustrators, the foundation of sketching can determine the quality of illustration works. Only through continuous practice by copying, drawing photos, physical painting, and creating can you draw better and better.

2. Good CG illustrators are proficient in using drawing software.

Most of the work is done by drawing with hand-painted boards and design software. So, if you want to learn illustration, you need to master the relevant software. Many of these illustrators are skilled in PS. PS can be applied to a wide variety of drawing tools, brushes, filters, plug-ins and layer styles. There are many powerful features in PS, especially the layers and adjustments. Different layers will have different effects, enough for you to figure out for a long time.

3. It is important for illustrators to master the variations of color.

It is not enough to master sketching in illustration. When people observe something, the first thing they notice is the color of the thing. Color is a very important part of the illustration. Different colors bring different feelings. Mastering color knowledge can help us go farther in the road of illustrator.

4. For a good illustrator, excellent creative skills are indispensable.

Excellent illustrators require not only good hand skills, but also their own unique design thinking. Illustration is a kind of visual communication art, which is more infectious and communicative than words. The soul of illustration works is style, so it is inappropriate to imitate and steal other people’s inspiration. Of course, style is not something that can be found overnight, it requires constant practice and innovation.

cg illustration

5. Knowing communication skills can be a great help to illustrators.

In addition to the expertise in painting, there are some abilities that you need to have, such as good communication skills. Effective communication allows you to keep your aesthetic design ideas and convince your ideas and suggestions to the A-side. It can also save a lot of unnecessary revisions. You need to constantly communicate with the client or editor. It is an important ability to understand their requirements and accept their feedback to express your own image needs.

6. Be patient.

CG Illustrators with a mature drawing style can choose horizontally between many positions such as comic artist, character designer, original artist, animator, game art designer, or full-time illustrator, art creator, etc.  They can also dive into a single industry to become an industry leader. 

artwork of cg illustrator

I believe that many illustrators will suffer countless requests for revision from companies or A-side when they first join the industry. Some people can’t stand it anymore, so they immediately resign and leave. But without the experience in the company and without the countless requests for revision, can you improve your skills? Obviously, it is less and less. So to become a good CG illustrator, you also need to have patience.

A good illustrator with good technique has a very good overview of the image. Each stroke is precise, and each stroke comes to shape the form, to explain the form. They can outline a character form in two or three strokes. Of course, in addition to the above 6 skills, to be a good CG illustrator, you also need to have skills in other areas.

If you want to know more about drawing and design, welcome to join Wingfox to learn more.

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