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6 Points to Quickly Draw the Human Figure

The human figure has always been the subject of painting, but there are so many people who can’t draw the human body well. Figure drawing is a complex content that allows the artist to understand a variety of essential techniques. Observing and interpreting the shape of the human body trains one to see the curves, lines and subtle undulations found in almost all forms of nature.

When you draw inspiration from life, you can capture the world as it really is. On the other hand, you can learn the form, proportion, perspective, shading and all the basics of painting from it.

If you do not draw the human body, do not understand the structure, do not learn anatomy, you will only end up drawing a mess.

human figure

In fact, drawing the human figure is not as complicated and difficult as we think. It is mainly because we give ourselves many hints in the process of imagining (it is difficult), so that every time we finish drawing the head, we tend to stop and put the brush aside. However, painting is like anything else, only through practice can we become proficient. If you are still at the stage of copying the human body, here is also a tutorial on how to draw the figure.

If you’re having trouble drawing figures based on reference or imagination. Or when you just start to draw figures, the proportions look wrong and you don’t know how to make changes, you can check out this tutorial by Wingfox. You may get a clear picture and learn how to draw figures in a simple way.

In this tutorial: Drawing the Human Figure Using Basic Shapes, you will learn how to simplify the human figure into basic shapes. Memorizing human anatomy can be daunting, but when you break it down into basic simple shapes like a sphere, box, or cylinder, you will be able to construct the human figure in a much simpler way. After that, you will learn how to put all these shapes together to form a peanut-like shape, making the process of drawing the figure (even in complex poses) much easier. In short, you will learn how to draw figures in a correct and simple way based on references or imagination.

basic shapes

1. Basic shapes

First, we will explain the difference between the static basic shapes used to draw inanimate objects and the dynamic basic shapes used to draw organic living objects. This includes a quick look at gestures, line weights, and directions of motion.

2. Dynamic shapes

Immediately afterwards, we will draw the figure in different complex poses, including front and back and perspective poses.

dynamic shapes

3. Basic shapes of the male and female figures

Next, we will draw the figure from start to finish, using basic shapes, gestures, mannequins, and finally sketch the final figure.

4. Anatomical landmarks

We will take a quick look at the important anatomical skeletal and muscular structures of the human body, which will be needed to draw the human figure in the right way.

anatomical landmarks


5. The gesture method and the peanut method

In the next section, we will use two methods to draw the mannequin.

6. Painting the figure

Finally, we will paint the values of the characters with light and shadow until we are done.

Course Contents

Chapter 1: Introducing the Basic Shapes Theory

Chapter 2: The basic shapes of the Male and Female Figures

Chapter 3: Anatomical Landmarks of the Figure

Chapter 4: The Peanut Method for Drawing the Figure

Chapter 5: Drawing the Male and Female Figures from All sides

Chapter 6: Drawing the Male and Female Figures in Dynamic Poses

Chapter 7: Painting the Male and Female Figures (From Sketch to a Painting)

human figure

By the end of the course, you will be able to draw people in basic and dynamic shapes. Using what you have learned, you can use a simplified version of the torso to draw the figure in a quick and easy way. And you will also understand the key markings of the human body, both male and female, to draw male and female figures with ease.The point is that you can draw figures in complex poses with your own mastered drawing skills.

If you are interested in human figure drawing, come and join this course and learn it right away.

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