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Great After Effects Plugins for 3D Animation

Adobe After Effects is a set of film production software, now updated by Adobe, for 2D and 3D compositing, animation and visual effects, based on non-linear editing software.If you are interested in 2D and 3D art, beginner or a master, you can find a course in Wingfox That suits you.check it out in the pic below.

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It is a versatile software for filmmakers and animation specialists that has been continuously upgraded over time. As After Effects has grown, more and more plug-ins are readily available, enhancing the user experience for developers of all kinds. Today, we’re checking out the best After Effects plugins for 3D animation. These plug-ins help make After Effects the first choice for animation developers of all levels.

#1RowByte – Plexus 3

Plexus turns After Effects into a hybrid 2D and 3D experience. Plexus is a unique plugin that allows you to easily convert 3D shapes into motion graphics. Your animation workflow is boosted thanks to a smooth operating UI. You don’t have to scroll through objects while rendering, and you don’t have to look after geometry and effector objects. Plexus has recently added motion blur effects that you can add to your animations along with custom camera angles for precise results.

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#2BorisFX – Mocha Pro

You may have heard of the popular Mocha Pro, which has powerful video effects. Mocha is great at planar tracking and removing objects, making it seamless to clean up your animation work. Mocha uses suburban camera stabilization so animators can insert realistic effects. Interpolate can render precisely matched movements with lens correction and motion blur.

Mocha’s removal capabilities extend to unwanted shadows and pixels with minimal steps. It’s easy to use instead of using clone effects and even get rid of layers on moving objects. For example, you can use this slick interface to smoothly remove signs from moving trucks.

#3Boris FX – Sapphire

With ultra-fast render speeds and multi-frame rendering, Boris FX doesn’t disappoint with this plugin as it offers functionality at its finest. The layout is designed to be simple so you can spend less time searching, and more time creating. Sapphire can create stunning organic animations by providing nearly 300 effects and thousands of presets.

With Sapphire, you can use atmosphere and highlight features to create sparkles, light sweeps, smoke, and mist effects. The plugin also unveiled Ultrazap, which is an electrifying bolt system that creates realistic bolts and fields with minimal effort. The smooth animations autoloop and don’t even require keyframing.

#4Animation Gym – Pixy Halftone

If you feel incorporating some nostalgia in your animations, Pity Halftone is the perfect plugin. Pixy Halftone allows you to add retro video game-style elements to any animation or video. You can easily composite layer after layer with real images. The controls are simple so it’s not difficult to play around with lighting, shadows, opacity, and the size of shapes. With one click, your real-life image is turned into the feel of a classic video game which you can apply to just about anything.

#5PluginPlay – Datamosh

When compressing video, individual frames are stored as delta frames or iframes. Datamosh causes pixel stacking and distortion effects during motion transitions. The manipulation of iframes and delta frames looks like a twitchy or problematic visual effect. Datamosh allows users to set durations and go frame by frame using a simple timeline.

You should also know that Datamosh doesn’t just visually affect external-level footage. The plugin works internally to make some stunning visual glitch effects. Make your videos look psychedelic, melty or whatever style you want done.

#6RainBox – DUIK

Animators know that rigging an avatar can be a tedious process. With DUIK, it’s very easy to use and offers tons of rigging features. DUIK features skeletal layers, elastodynamics, and auto-rigging of bipeds and quadrupeds. Additionally, you can manage keyframes and use traditional animations. Overall, the goal of this plugin is to make the tool as easy to use as possible. Most tools can be accessed with just one click. In two clicks, you can have a fully automated character.

If you are interested in 2D and 3D art, beginner or a master, you can find a course in Wingfox That suits you.Check it out~

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